Kris Gray

The only good head shot I can find

Redmond, WA

  • Always Be Learning
  • Maintainability, Simplicity, Quality
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Strong relationships.

Front End
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Salesforce Lightning Framework
  • Mocha, Jest, WebDriver, Sinon
  • VSCode
  • VSCode Extensions Authoring
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • NodeJS, NPM
  • Web Components
  • CircleCI
  • Jenkins (and Groovy)
  • Heroku
  • Netlify
Back End
  • Java
  • C# / .NET
  • SQL
  • Spring
  • Strong Scrum / Agile advocate
  • Team Lead
  • Strong Mentorship
  • Open Source
  • Product Social Engagement
  • Presentions at Conferences and Internationally



2009 – current
Principal Member of Technical Staff
Salesforce is the world leader in SaaS CRM solutions. Their products are web based which fits right into my primary skill set. The people I work with are fantastic, leadership reflects my values and the fast pace has really made my tenure fly by.
  • Co-Authored the (Aura) Lightning Framework enabling the Salesforce Platform to support millions of users every day.
  • Maintained mission critical Salesforce Classic features such as Inline Editing, Common Components, IE6-11 support and customer trust issues, while also writing new features for Salesforce Lightning including Visualforce in Lightning, SPA Routing Engine, and mobile browser support.
  • Shipped the Lightning Component Library which is built with the Lightning Platform and is now the most popular documentation site at all of with over a million hits per month
  • Worked directly with customers, product owners across the organization and principal architects to dictate the team product backlog and key deliverables.
  • Maintain the CircleCI, Jenkins and Heroku infrastructure for the Component Library and accompanying in production development tools.
  • Developed and Open Sourced the Google Chrome Extension for the Lightning Framework.
  • Attended TC-39, contributed to browser bugs and gave feedback to design specs for foundational eco-system technologies.
  • Implemented a Javascript Framework and Component set to align with a founding OOCSS framework with the guidance of Nicole Sullivan.
  • Team lead for the Lightning Platform Tooling team where we released key features like the VSCode Extension, Local Development, Component Library and the aforementioned Lightning Inspector.
  • Currently performing role of Architect for an initiative across 3 teams in 5 different time zones to drastically improve processes in developer documentation and customer facing portals.
  • Mentored teams onboarding onto TypeScript, Jest and Webdriverio for workflow improvements backed by Github, CircleCI, and other cloud based platforms improving productivity and enabling easy paths to Open Sourcing
  • Strong developer productivity advocate. Maintained the documentation infrastructure for internal JavaScript frameworks leveraging JSDoc and custom JSDoc plugins
  • Aligning component set with mulitple aligning CSS Design Systems across the organization.
  • Drove quality iniatiatives for the Lightning Framework, increasing customer success and adoption. Primary focus was on removing complexity, giving customers a clear way to accomplish their goals and enhancing code coverage.
  • Lead project to convert the Java Server of the Aura framework to Spring
2008 – 2009

Method relies on strong strategy and user experience phases to support excellent visual designers in creating an amazing technical experience for the web and mobile devices. The firm has a blue-chip client roster that features brands such as Sony, Microsoft, Visa, Nike, Adobe, and Yahoo!, among others.

  • Implemented several projects using different JavaScript frameworks including Mootools, jQuery and Dojo.
  • Utilized unobtrusive JavaScript to implement Script optional websites.
  • Developed flexible site templates using Semantic XHTML markup.
  • Ensured pixel perfect layouts in hand coded CSS for Grade A browsers which include Opera, Safari, Chrome, and the aging IE 6.
  • Worked with Adobe Photoshop (CS3) to analyze designs and slice images for implementation.
  • Enabled back button functionality and deep linking within Adobe Flash with external JavaScript components.
  • Constructed sets of templates to be integrated into the client CMS utilizing the PHP based Symphony, WordPress, and the Python based Django.
  • Developed a .NET API from a PHP based prototype which automated the creation of SecondLife characters.
  • Utilized Open Source applications to enable fundamental developer practices such as TortiseSVN, Trac, OpenVPN, MediaWiki, Apache and Tomcat.
  • Practiced Test Driven Development to ensure strong quality all C# projects.
  • Pushed for the adoption of crucial process improvements such as daily project stand-ups, comprehensive requirements gathering, schedule based deadlines, and tech inclusion in all project phases.

Daptiv provides a project management solution based on the Microsoft .NET framework. We utilize ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, T-SQL and a few others, to produce a web SaaS solution that has enjoyed doubling sales the last several years.

  • Responsible for conversion of table based layouts to a semantic structure completely stylable by CSS.
  • Refactored legacy Javascript into a re-usable, documented and tested libary. Re-used some concepts from some of the more popular and common libraries such as the dynamic loading system and namespaces from DOJO.
  • Maintaining the semantic structure of the core Daptiv product and its conformity to the HTML standards.
  • Added HTTP Compression to production sites (IIS). JS and CSS compression to daily builds (TFS).
  • Utilized jQuery and plugins to quickly add Drag and Drop designer support to a key feature of the upcoming release.
  • Worked closely each sprint with Architecture, Product Management, Test, Design, and Developers of all skills.
  • Used ASP.NET and advanced JS techniques to create a resource management app capable of maintaining work estimates for thousands of employee’s across hundreds of projects.
  • Trained in Scrum and Software Estimation to shed the unpredictability of our waterfall methodology.
  • Formed web User Experience team after determining the neglect it was accruing and to help lead the product into the Web 2.0 arena.
  • Added JSUnit unit testing to the automated build process, which would run the tests written for our JS framework.
  • Pushed for and drove the adoption of Test Driven Development across the Dev team.
  • Learned the SalesForce API and developed a certified integration solution for a new Daptiv product.
2004 – 2005

VMC is the global consulting wing of Volt, who are the key contracting company for Microsoft. VMC has an internal website named Innerweb which I worked on that controls all the project management, trouble ticket, and help desk facilities for the company.

  • Day to day operations consisted mostly of ASP.NET development, and learning to improve myself along with the existing code base.
  • Responsible for sustainment and active development of large existing code base utilizing ASP.NET, SQL, and vanilla ASP written in VB and JS.
  • Worked individually on implementing new features proposed by executive management and prioritized by my dev manager.
  • Performed routine test passes across the product to ensure quality as we lacked a test department.
  • Implemented automated builds using Nant and VSS.
  • Commonly cleaned up, commented and updated old components on spare time.
  • Reviewed project code for bottlenecks and replaced them with more efficient solutions, such as stored procedures and moving client side logic server side.

A recognized leader in commercializing XML, XSL and Web Services, Jetstream has helped several Fortune 500 companies chart their roadmap concerning these and other next-generation technologies.

  • Worked with CEO and customer to deliver a wizard based website to generate a personalized report on the users selections.
  • ASP.NET based project, interacting with a COBOL processing engine to deliver a PDF generated report.

Transenda was a small company developing a platform for medical based companies to easily produce process based applications. They also contract themselves out to build the needed applications on this platform.

  • Utilize custom framework to implement a web solution.
  • Construct workflows and processes to be consumed by my ASP.NET application.
Action Engine

Action Engine produces a light platform for Mobile devices to do complex processes. I was responsible for adding functionality to their internal portal, which limits the importance of what they do a bit.

  • Implemented functionality using JScript and Vanilla ASP for company portal.
  • Performed daily publication of latest source to company portal (SQL, IIS, COM Packages).
  • Worked individually to deliver complex features needed by the company for international operations.
2000 - 2003

xLoom was a local startup that produced an AJAX based framework to produce windows like applications. Unfortunately xLoom was before its time and fell victim to the dot com bubble.

  • Utilized AJAX framework to implement custom applications.
  • Developed a program in JavaScript to manage the multiple language localization system utilizing the double byte Unicode standard.
  • Designed and Implemented a JavaScript program using WScript to interact with VSS, SQL DMO, and Microsoft Installer packages to create an automated build.
  • Designed and produced HTML browser independent web form interfaces.
  • Developed and maintained stand alone components in JavaScript such as a Tab Component, Slide Component, Header Component and others.
  • Documented in the framework SDK all new objects and changes to old objects.
  • Produced a GUI program to edit a proprietary XML format to control the layout and functionality of a Header Bar Component similar to the Microsoft standard header bars.
  • Created re-usable XSL-Transformations to display a tree based hierarchical data structure in a stepping navigation scheme.
  • Debugged client and server framework code while providing on site support in Japan over the course of 7 months.
  • Interacted directly with MSSQL through ASP, ADO and ADO.NET using T-SQL.