Kris Gray

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Kris Gray

Redmond, WA

  • Always Be Learning
  • Maintainability, Simplicity, Quality
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Strong relationships.

Front End
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Salesforce Lightning Framework
  • Mocha, Jest, WebDriver, Sinon
  • VSCode
  • VSCode Extensions Authoring
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • NodeJS, NPM
  • Web Components
  • CircleCI
  • Jenkins (and Groovy)
  • Heroku
  • Netlify
Back End
  • Java
  • C# / .NET
  • SQL
  • Spring
  • Strong Scrum / Agile advocate
  • Team Lead
  • Strong Mentorship
  • Open Source
  • Product Social Engagement
  • Presentions at Conferences and Internationally



2009 – current
Principal Member of Technical Staff

Lead teams utilizing the SalesForce reactive UI framework (LWC) and its redux equivalent (Wires) to deliver critical features for customers. Principal developer for several different UI frameworks upon which all of is SalesForce is built

  • Co-Authored the (Aura) Lightning Framework enabling the SalesForce Platform to support millions of users every day.
  • Team Lead on the Lightning Component Library which is built with the Lightning Platform and is now the most popular external site at all of with 5+ million of hits per month.
  • Worked directly with customers, product owners across the organization and principal architects to dictate the team product backlog and key deliverables.
  • Maintain the CircleCI, Jenkins and Heroku infrastructure for the Component Library.
  • Authored and Open Sourced the Google Chrome Extension for the Lightning Framework.
  • Attended TC-39, contributed to browser bugs and gave feedback to design specs for new eco-system technologies.
  • Implemented a Javascript Framework and Component set to align with a founding OOCSS framework with the guidance of Nicole Sullivan.
  • Team lead of the Lightning Platform Tooling team where we released key features like the VSCode Extension, Local Development, Component Library and the aforementioned Lightning Inspector.
  • Currently performing role of Architect for an initiative across 3 teams in 5 different time zones to drastically improve processes in developer documentation and customer facing portals.
  • Mentored teams onboarding onto TypeScript, Jest and Webdriverio for workflow improvements backed by Github, CircleCI, and other cloud based platforms improving productivity and enabling easy paths to Open Sourcing
  • Strong developer productivity advocate. Maintained the documentation infrastructure for internal JavaScript frameworks leveraging JSDoc and custom JSDoc plugins
  • Aligning component sets with mulitple CSS Design Systems across the organization.
  • Drove quality iniatiatives for the Lightning Framework, increasing customer success and adoption. Primary focus was on removing complexity, giving customers a clear way to accomplish their goals and enhancing code coverage.
  • Lead project to convert the Java Server of the Aura framework to Spring
2008 – 2009

Design agency in San Francisco working with top brands (Visa, Ted, Clear Capital)

Primary UI developer, transforming award winning designs into award winning websites.

SaaS project management product

Founded the UI framework team. Responsible for the base UI framework for the entire company, integration of jQuery and SPA features to improve performance and usability. Responsible for key features like Capacity Planner and Salesforce Integration.


2004 – 2005

VMC is the global consulting wing of Volt, who are the key contracting company for Microsoft.

Maintained the internal portal that controls all the project management, trouble tickets, and help desk facilities for the company.

Ancient History

  • JetStream Software (2004)
  • Transenda (2003)
  • Action Engine (2003)
  • xLoom (2000 - 2003)